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Library Rules :

A) General Rules to be followed in the Library:

  • Library users are requested to carry their College ID Card while visiting the Library.
  • Scan the Barcode on the I-Card during entry and exit from the Library and Information Centre. Barcode scanners are available in the Main Library (for Reference Books), Digital Section of the Library and in Reading Hall.
  • Take proper care of all library resources.
  • Kindly switch off the mobile phone/ keep it in silent mode.
  • Silence has to be maintained in Library, Digital Section and Reading Halls. The Library and Information Centre is under 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance.
  • Any personal belongings are not permitted into the library.
  • Newspaper Clippings Facility (through MODLIB LIbrary E-Bulletin).
  • Book-Bank Facility.
  • Any personal belongings are not permitted into the library.
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the library, digital section and reading halls.
  • Internet facility is available for all students and staff in the Digital Section of the library.
  • Playing games, chatting, Downloading movies/ songs, videos and misuse of internet in the Digital Section is strictly prohibited.
  • Suggestion box is kept at the entrance of the Library.
  • Students should preserve their library copy of deposit receipt for deposit refund.
  • Library users are requested to approach the Library Clerk or Librarian regarding any difficulty related to library.
  • Suggestions are invited from the students for the betterment of library services at mcasclib@gmail.com

B) Rules and Regulations regarding Accessing Books and Journals:

  • Take proper care of all library resources.
  • Open access is followed in the Library for all staff and students.
  • Search the required book in the OPAC Terminal at the entrance of the Library to check the availability status of the book. Note down the Classification Number and got to the respective rack and shelf as per the Library Shelf Guides to get your book.
  • The MCASC, Shivajinagar Library follows Classified (Subject wise) arrangement of books. Library users need to follow the shelf guides to get to the subject they want to refer.
  • Library users are requested to remember that not all books published are available in the Library. If they want to suggest any book then the book requisition (demand) should come through proper channel.
  • Students should return their book in given time period/ else they can reserve the book after visiting the library.
  • Loss of book should be immediately reported to the Library Clerk and Librarian.
  • Exam marksheet of students with books pending on their names will need to submit the books for getting their marksheet from Library.
  • Books bearing the stamp 'NOT TO BE ISSUED OUT' will not be issued on home lending. However, students and staff can sit in the library and refer the book.
  • Journals/Periodicals will not be issued on home lending to students. Students can read the Journals/Periodicals in Reading Hall.
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